2019-07-08 20:48 #0 by: jordan

One of my favourite things about Esports in general is that provided you are open to watching a variety of games, there is a high level tournament pretty much every week!

I haven't been keeping up with Counter Strike too much recently,  but nothing was going to stop me from missing the biggest non-major (Major tournaments meaning those officially sponsored and endorsed by Valve) of the year - ESL One Cologne.

Hosted in the stadium known as the 'Cathedral of Counter Strike' 15,000 people  were able to witness the finals live, in an event that fills Cologne with many a Esport fanatic.

You didn't have to be there to watch it however, as the event was also streamed live on Twitch, where a further 506,000 people watched eventual Winners Liquid in the Grand Finals against French team Vitality. The win meant that Team Liquid had achieved the coveted 'Grand Slam' award, which awarded a further $1,000,000 to the first team that won four 'S tier' tournaments in a year, a feat only achieved by one other team (Astralis).

Did you miss the event? Luckily theScore Esports has compiled a best moments montage, summarising the entire week of competition.