2019-03-29 17:23 #0 by: jordan

While the ePremier League knockout stages take place this weekend it made me wonder - Is this the best way to represent FIFA as an Esport?

The basis of this tournament is to have representatives from each club in the English Premier League, in which competitors can pick a squad of 18 players from any team in the league, on the Ultimate Team gamemode.

Still following?

So even though a player may represent Fulham, for example, none of the 11 players on the pitch may even play for Fulham in real life.

However, I have seen recently that there may be a better way for the FIFA series to enter the Esports scene, through its thoroughly loved (albeit neglected by the developers) game type: Pro Clubs.

Instead of representing real clubs, or using the Pay 2 Win model of Ultimate Team, players instead create their own player, and play with 10 other REAL people on their team, like in reality. Little did I know that some smaller scenes have established, and the outcome looks inherently better than anything the ePremier League has provided all weekend.

Do you think a change of game type is what competitive FIFA needs?