From complete amateurs, to competing globally?

2018-12-05 21:35 #0 by: jordan

The title was the case for one lucky (or not, depending on which way you approach it) team from a Norweigan folk school.

The team 'minigolfgutta' entered the Rainbow Six Siege tournament for fun, but, due to a lack of participants in the qualifier, ended up being invited to the finals. Although a high level in another game (CSGO), some of their players had not even played the game before the tournament, although they are expected to practice a little before the main event.

Sadly though, their dream of competing cross game came to a stormy halt. They lost 14-0 in their first match, knocking them down to the losers bracket, before losing 14-0 again Laughing

A fun experiment that's for sure, I hope they enjoyed the experience!

Read more about it here.

2018-12-05 23:32 #1 by: Leia

haha! Good on them for trying though!

All the best, Leia

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2018-12-06 09:25 #2 by: Evelina

That’s cool!


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