The rise of esports (video)

2018-03-05 09:33 #0 by: Niklas

The Guardian has made a video about the digital revolution that esports is becoming.

One aspect of esports that i hadn’t thought of before, is that it could be more equal than many other sports. Football isn’t likely to become big in Greenland and hockey probably will never be a hit in Nigeria. Esports isn’t depending on geographic conditions in the same way that traditional sports often are.

2018-03-05 20:24 #1 by: jordan

The one thing I will add that is not really alluded to in this video is how technological factors affect it as a world sport. Once high speed internet and the affordability of peripherals improves, then we should see it as a truly international phenomena.

2018-03-05 20:28 #2 by: Niklas

I didn’t think of that, but off course. :-)


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