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2020-02-21, 19:09

Becoming an e-sports millionaire

I liked this article by Robert Capps in the New York Times. It gives an Insider view of the e-sports world and the careers that are currently possible in it. Apparently, pro-competitive gamers and lifestyle gamers are the two hot paths at the moment. Most make no money at all and a few make millions. Twitch (by Amazon) and Youtube are the largest gaming broadcast platforms. The industry, as a whole, doesn't break even, but they are betting now to be in when there is a net plus. Revenues increased 27 percent between 2018 and 2019. Celebrities, traditional sports teams and venture capitalists are among the stake holders.

» How to Make Billions in E-Sports - The New York Times

(Photo by Fredrick Tendong at Unsplash)

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